Golden Diamond

  1. Clear the air. Sweetness and deodorization.
  2. Clean the peculiar smell. Use for car and house.
  3. Give you the fresher air and make the health condition.
  4. Use the nature perfume as the base and special disappear prescription.
  5. Can clean out the bad smelly from the car.
  6. Clean the carpet. Clean the tobacco and mildew

How To USE

  1. Remove cap. Replace cap.
  2. Screw down cover.
  3. Use double-side stickers when placing in the car.
  4. Keep the bottle up all the time.


  1. Do Not Eat .
  2. If Eat Or Drink Find Doctor immediately . Do Not Touch With Children. Turn Away The Perfume Touch Skin And Eye Mouth Nose . In Case Touh It . Wash Immediately With WArm Water . Keep It Far Away From The Fire , And Keep In Shady And Cool Space.

Blue, Yellow