Portable Barbecue Grill

  1. The Foot Is Strong And Foldable
  2. The Barbeque Grill Is Fixed I the Body of The Oven , So it will Not Fall Out . it Be pulled To The Left And The Right Direction For Adding Charcoal Conveniently
  3. If The Barbecue Grill Is Pulled Away , The Width Of This Grill is Suitable For Skewers.
  4. All Parts Of The BBQ Grill
  5. During The Process Of barbecue  The Charcoal Can be Easily Added , Without taking Out The Food . The User Only Need To Pull the Barbecue Grill to The Left And the Right Direction
  6. The Effects of Skewers When The barbecue Grill Is not Used.

Features : 

  1. Scientific Design
  2. Fashion Design
  3. Easy To Carry
  4. Easy To Tear open Outfit
  5. Simple & Easy To use
  6. Durable And Easy To Clean
  7. Enjoy the barbecue Pleasure
  8. Safe To Use

Size : 

Cooking Area : 58x20Cm

Expand Height : 37Cm