My Tone Grace car Fragnance 


  1. Open the outer cover, unscrew the airproof cap take away the inner cap
  2. Put in cotton core screw down air proof cap
  3. Afresh lay back the outer cover
  4. Attached  with double side adhesive tobe selling


  1. Donot drinking , if swallowed immediately consult a physician
  2. If you use a sense of discomfort discontinue use and make the car vantilation if irritation persists seek medical advice immediately governance .
  3. Do not interfere with the driver’s line of sight is fixed in position not in the tilted position if there is leakage immediatly wipe wet part beware of the residual liquid leakage will damage the plastic parts inside the car dashboard careful installation please keep in a cool place to save
  4. When in use please avoid contact  with eyes mouth nose .


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